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The Man Who Knew How to Think – A Journey to Improve the Thought


In the middle of his predictable and relative successful life, Shealtiel, the book’s hero, wakes to a feeling that he is lacking fulfillment in life and missing out on something important. So he begins to search for meaning, joining a fitness club, eating organic food, practicing Yoga and other methods of breathing, relaxation and dance. He even commits himself to starting a family and developing a career. But despite these efforts, Shealtiel still feels that something is missing…

He finds a strange note on his house door that starts him on a path which eventually takes him to a teacher that will change his life – "The man who could truly think". The meeting between them becomes a fascinating journey, in which Shaltiel discovers, step by step, his true self and how to improve the way he thinks, which in turn will improve his life.

A practical and enjoyable guide book, revolutionary in its simplicity and its efficiency.

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