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The Magician from the Judean Desert



The hero of the book belongs to the Flower Generation which admired the Beatles, identified with Danny the Red and dreamed of changing the world. Today, he is married and lives a gray and conventional life, selling cosmetics for a living. He has a small apartment in the suburbs, two children and a cat. The mortgage weighs heavy, and the TV puts him to sleep. The relationship with his wife has become mechanical and he has become short tempered…


As a result of an unexpected meeting with one of his childhood friends he sets off on a wonderful journey which completely changes his life. In the stark landscape of the Judea Desert and the Dead Sea he meets the Judea Desert Magician, an exceptional character who carefully guides him in a simple, step by step manner, to deep awareness and to self realization.


The book guides the reader in a similar manner to alertness and awareness in everyday life.


It is written in a clear and direct fashion, filled with the fragrances, sounds and sights of the beautiful and natural Israel we all miss so much.


The book has become a great success among those who seek guidance and fulfillment, as well as among alternative healers who offer these to their patients as part of the therapy and recovery process.


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