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Evolution now - Study

Meeting one – free choice



What is the purpose of human life?

Joy: The essence of creation embraces all. Until the human was created, creation did not succeed to create freedom of choice. The human is a creation of freedom of choice. It required eons upon eons of attempts to create a life with free choice, a life that is not conscious of it being a godly seed. . Creation succeeded in creating a "parasite" that sits on forms of life and makes them forget what they are.

This forgetfulness allows freedom of choice. So if you will, the role or the essence of human life is an experiment of creation with freedom of choice.

What is the situation of the individual person in this experiment? Joy: In creation there are streams of consciousness. Each stream of consciousness seeks to develop possibilities of free choice. The stream expresses itself simultaneously in endless material forms. The stream creates life in every meeting point with every grain that it meets on its way. There are endless such consciousness streams. Each creates endless entities or material bodies, through which it experiences itself and its capabilities to be in free choice. Each such experience of each such stream is called human life by us.



Meeting two – the parasite

The parasite that we spoke of, that was developed by creation, masks from the human cognizance their natural ability to choose out of free will. This masking together with the ability to choose freely allows humans to struggle to connect to their natural being.

Because if a person was absolutely conscious from the beginning to their ability to choose freely, that very knowing would deny them the freedom to choose .


What is the parasite?

Joy: It is a non organic organism. You like to call it – fear. It is a life form that exists like a parasite.


Is there another name to the parasite?

Joy: Yes. The other name is catalyst.

Where is fear located ? Joy: You can say that it is a multi level parasite that sits in the emotional body of the human. It is also manifested in the mental body and also in the social body, but it cannot touch or connect to the spiritual body. The idea is to be aware to the parasite existence, even to look for it. Not in order to destroy it, because by this the human existence will be destroyed as well. The idea is to look for it in order to go through it, grow out of it to the next level of freedom that is offered to the person.

So when we talk of free choice, we talk about choice free from the parasite or from fear.



Evolution now – meeting three – the parasite and the emotional and mental bodies

Here we meet again in our evolution journey with many new perceptions and practicalities.

From "Life of Joy" second book

Joy: We want to add to the understanding of the physical body, the perception of the emotional and mental bodies.

The emotional and mental bodies are intertwined although they are different by essence and express themselves through different physical structures. They function in cooperation and appear through the level of consciousness of the person, living inside the physical body.

The mental body exists in and around the upper part of the human body, to the stretch of his hands (like a sphere around the head). The lower part of it is where the thymus gland is.

The emotional body starts from the area of the thymus gland and stretches to the lower stretch of the hands (like wings)

So these two balls meet at the thymus gland. They are different in color and in movement. They influence each other all the time and they create the consciousness level and the physical body.

The difference is that the electrical flow in the mental body is ordered and structured. The movement in the emotional body is more like electromagnetic storms or volcanic eruptions.

The structure like flow in the mental body is due to the fact that it is aligned to the magnetic flow of the planet. In the emotional body the polarity is opposite to the poles of the planet. That is why the flow in in the emotional body is chaotic and explosive.

The meeting point between the mental and emotional bodies recognizes the thought patterns and evokes chaotic activity in the emotional body. This chaotic activity influences by a feedback mechanism, the thinking processes. So there is an absolute interdependence. Between these two bodies.

There cannot be a thought that does not carry emotion or feeling. There cannot be an emotion without thought.

A person who's mental structure is a slave to his emotions will transmit a hot signal that is magnetically opposite to that of the planet to their systems.

The more the mental body is developed by the person, the more the whole mental – emotional system is balanced and aligned to the planetary polarity system.


What is the function of all this system?

Joy: Every emotional eruption is a call to the parasite. Please remember that the parasite allows free choice and growth.

Without this call the parasite would not know where to appear, so the mental body would not be able to choose to overcome the parasite.


So, the parasite sits in the emotional body?

Joy: it is attracted to the emotional body, "sits" there and acts through it, but because of the meeting point it invades the mental body also and influences the structure of the flow of the electrical pulses.

You can easily recognize that every fear expresses itself also in the person's thoughts.


What is the function of the mental body?

Joy: The mental body is the first to cope with the physical expression of the parasite. This is the body in charge of free conscious choice. It has the energy to handle and overcome the parasite.

The two networks carry electrical signals. The more they can carry stronger signals, the person's perception and consciousness level develops. The whole universe is made out of energy.

The more you can carry a higher "voltage", the person can more directly perceive stronger or more "divine" energy. If this is where you want to go, there will be a price to pay. A price of readiness and preparation of the mental and emotional bodies and organizing your life in a way that will support your ability to receive and perceive intelligence with a higher more "divine" charge.

Your consciousness perceives at any given moment part of the structures of the universe. When it grows it perceives more potential structures. When it declines, it perceives less and less potential structure of the universe and more and more parasite structures.


How should we work with these two bodies?

Joy: there is a danger in working only with one of them. If you work mainly with the emotional body the danger is that the chaotic movement, will signal to the parasite, will invite too much of it and will take over the whole human system.

The danger that lies in focusing only on the mental body is fixation and stagnation of order, which will not allow free conscious choice and therefore no growth. This is why the two bodies are interacting and balance each other. The emotional body enhances by the chaotic movement, new order in the system and the mental body enhances free conscious choice that creates order in the chaos.

The thoughts that you think are all found as coded information on the planet's electromagnetic network.

The order of your mental bodies summons the thoughts that you have from the planet's network. Your mental order is imprinted in you in an early age by the social body, to which we shall refer later.

However your mental body is ordered individually and works as a system of "tuning forks". It attracts from the planet relevant thoughts. The thoughts flow in the structured mental body network.

The flow moves through the meeting point to the emotional body where it creates electrical storms, relating to those thoughts. These storms "invite" the parasite. When the parasite is aggregating to a critical mass level, the emotional body transmits to the mental body that the existing order is leading to decline and prohibits growth.

Now there is an opportunity for conscious free choice, which will allow a quantum leap for the person's consciousness. At this point there is an opportunity for a new order. The person has for a while cognizance of the two structures, the previous one and the new one. This allows him a real free choice.

Will the person allow his mental body to arrange itself by the new order? or do they choose to stay with the previous order?

If they choose a new structure, they will receive by the "tuning fork" principle new information, new thoughts from the planetary flow.

If they will choose to preserve the previous structure, the new structure will dissolve. The person will go on living by the old order and the parasite will continue to aggregate more and more until it may "suffocate" them.

New choice and conscious growth create energy. This energy breaks down the excess of parasite that was there in the emotional body.

This releases further pure "doing" energy that allows a person what you would call "courage" to be able to do things that they could not do in the previous order.



Meeting four - Leadership

Joy: We would like to touch for a moment or to make you aware to the idea that leadership is built from three components – Presence, Drive, and Greatness. Is it not interesting that the first three letters comprise the initials: PDG?


What is the connection between this idea and what we have discussed so far?

Joy: One of the essences that are acquired as a result of the processes of going through the "parasite" is the essence of Presence. The Presence that we discuss here in relation to leadership is closely linked to personal development and the struggle with the "parasite". This Presence is acquired by this struggle. The human surrounding knows to recognize the energetic print in the bodies of those who struggle for their freedom. This Presence is the first vital essence of those who want to lead. This Presence is a result of personal struggle that has nothing to do with the wish to lead or drive others. The struggle builds Presence that allows the struggling person to lead or manage others.


So the role of a leader is to lead people through their fears?

Joy: The second letter is "T". This relates to the Taking through that a leader must do. It is a Take through the "parasite" in all the levels: personal, team or organization. This Take through is supposed to focus the process of free choice of those who are led. This will give them the opportunity for an accelerated growth. The leader has to be focused in Greatness, but not his own Greatness, but the Greatness of those that they lead. If you will, the main role of a leader is to lead his people to their own self leadership. This is a process that involves at first a lot of self learning for the leader.

The Presence we are talking about, starts by declaring oneself -focused, present, being in its entirety, in one point of time – space. The starting point of the one declaring themselves, is a focused collection, that crystallizes into a specific time – space point all their resources. They are no longer scattered. They are focused in the time, in the action, they are in. They are primarily focused in the fact that they are there first of all out of free choice.


Question: so, what is the connection to leadership?

Joy: One of the traps for a leader is the trap of forgetfulness. When a leader remembers to state himself and by this to connect to all these endless spaces from where he comes, he remembers immediately in the cellular level, in his most basic memory that all other people can potentially come from the same spaces. When he remembers this, he does not have any more questions; he does not have wonders or worries in helping and directing those he leads towards their own greatness.



Meeting five - On Taking Through

Joy: Now we shall continue our discussion with the second element of leadership – "Taking through". In order to do that, we shall ask you to start a process of preparation of recognizing structures that move people from one point to the other. Taking through is done by building such structures. These are structures you will have to build as leaders. We suggest that you prepare by wondering, pondering and discussing this issue.


What are these structures that you relate to?

Joy: the structures that we talk about are existing structures that were created by the universe. So they are part of the experiment of free choice. The structures all exist, but they exist as potential. They are without life energy. When a human aims at a particular structure he nourishes it with life energy. There are structures that are nourished with life energy directly from the center of creation.

The structures that we recommend to develop are linked to the fact that every human acts out of certain templates. These can be perception templates, behavioral templates or coping templates. A leader's ability to "take through" is connected to his capability to recognize almost intuitively the structures with which the person or the group that he leads think, feel or act. Then he can build for them an alternative template.


What are these structures made of?

Joy: These structures are made of continuous consciousness. They are weightless. They do not have mass. They are even still lacking energy. They carry only consciousness. The contacts between certain consciousnesses create energy. When the right contact point is made, a flow of energy is created that we shall call here – Life. When a person operates his will towards a structure, life is created.



Meeting six – on structures

It seems to me that all is structures. How do you identify the specific structures that you relate to?

Joy: there is no doubt that you have discovered the first gate of this study. The first gate reveals to those who go through it that everything is a structure and therefore was constructed by something or someone. In order to progress in your study you can try a different ways to look at it. Every structure can be perceived visually.


Every structure can be perceived through the senses of smell, taste and hearing. At this stage you try to perceive the structures through your mental body, but some of the structures cannot be perceived mentally.


There is a need to develop other parts – structures in yourself that know how to perceive different structures. Maybe you can try to draw different structures with a pencil on clean page. There is no need to understand them. Some of them cannot be understood. Most of the work with structures is not mental. The enlivenment of structures is almost intuitive. Remember that a structure is enlivened when another structure that carries flow of life connects to it and can transfer energy of life to the new structure with its intention. So the part of you that is best at recognizing structures is your intention. This stage in your study will sharpen and focus your ability to intend not just mentally but also energetically. These are two intentions that create different results.


Exercise: As an introduction to using your other senses please try to translate intuitively structures relating to people or situations visually as lines on paper.

It seems that there are endless transparent structures that fill the space, a bit like potential digital numbers on an elevator scale.


How can you focus on a specific structure in this multiplicity?

Joy: maybe at this stage you can focus on the structure that you investigate and try to translate only this structure visually together with the knowing that indeed every point in space contains endless potential structures. Your linear perception will finds it difficult to perceive that in every given time- space point exist more than one structure simultaneously. We suggest being careful with the analogy of the elevator digital numbers, because you can get fixed on this idea. At the moment you are like a baby that explores a new world. Try to maintain the freedom to explore and experience this new world with as little analogies, expectations and definitions as possible.


Could you tell me more about the idea that structures are made from consciousness?

Joy: It can be said that consciousness is the basic building block of creation. What maintains the creation in which you exist is the continuous consciousness of the divine. In the same way that what maintains your body is the continuous consciousness of yourself – your little stream of creational consciousness. This continuous consciousness allows the creation of a net that can be likened to a three dimensional spider web. This net contains all the possible potential structures. This net is nourished primarily by the universe. The continuous consciousness that comes from the center of creation sends pulses of intention. Those pulses augment different energies in different locations on this net. These energies augment to different levels of matter. This is the universe that you know. Do you have any other questions? 


Yes. What is consciousness?

Joy: To try and explain consciousness is like to explain divinity, because they are one thing. Consciousness is the most fundamental building block of creation. After they will manage to break down the smallest particles of matter they will be able to isolate pure energy. When they will find the instruments to break it further down, they will discover consciousness. It is the smallest substance that cannot be broken down.

So consciousness is pre- energy. It is the most fundamental essence that sustains the whole of creation.

So, to discuss consciousness and try to explain or schematize it is impossible, the same way that you cannot explain or schematize divinity or godliness. They are the same thing.


Exercise: evolutary human structures

Evolution now – meeting seven

On love

What happens when two consciousness streams meet?

Joy: It can be said that when two consciousness streams meet, the energy which is created is LOVE. LOVE is another name for the energy of LIFE. When there is a meeting point between two consciousness structures, two consciousness streams, a new structure is being created. The LIFE energy that flows to nourish this structure, you call LOVE. It is energy, energy of LIFE.


Does this mean that when two people love each other, they need to encounter new consciousness structures, so that love will exist between them?

Joy: One of the things that happen to people is that at some stage they stop, if they ever did before, to encounter consciousness structures that can create life. Instead they maintain existing structures, in which life energy already flows. This is why a new creation does not exist. In the same way when a person stops creating new structures in themselves, they feel that they do not have life energy. One of the reasons to develop new things, skills, areas of interest, is to feel the life flows, or if you will the self love, also in later ages.


Is love only a meeting between consciousness streams?

It sounds a bit too mechanical.

Joy: If we shall look together on your desire to give, when it meets the desire to give of another, we can see how two structures meet and create life of love. You need to understand that love exists only in the present, only when there is a meeting point between two structures, in which flows consciousness that is aimed to create anew. In this point alone, there is a small explosion, a small release of energy. This only happens in the present moment. When you look at the past, you can recognize such points. When you look to the future, you can yearn for it, hope for it. But the point of love exists only in the present.

To make it a bit clearer, we can say that when two consciousness structures meet an eternal moment of life and love is being created. It is like the "big bang".


This explosion is tuned to be registered by the human emotional system. Or in other words the emotional structures are tuned to be nourished by these small explosions.


These are the moments when you feel that your chest is too small to contain your heart. So it can be said that the mechanical movement creates or intertwines with an emotional movement. This is why so many people connect love with an emotion or a feeling.


As long as this feeling of small explosion in the heart exists, the eternal moment of love persists and that explosion releases energy that we call "Love". This energy is created in any meeting of consciousness structures. It is therefore the energy that is most prevalent in the entire universe, being that the entire universe is created from meetings of streams within consciousness structures. It therefore can be said that this whole universe "swims" in an endless sea of love energy. This is what people refer to when they say that the energy of love is the most basic energy for the human and for the universe. The energy which is being released in each small explosion connects to the intention of the creator that created it and nourishes that intention itself. In this way it strengthens the potential to create more from this energy of love.


This is a self nourishing loop. It is the way of the universe to nourish the remote parts from its center. When the center of the universe nourishes, as we mentioned earlier, structures, it does so through a loop of intention that flows consciousness streams inside structures that meet new structures that connect to different consciousness streams, create a small explosion, that nourishes back the original intention that gets stronger and can flow the new consciousness that was created towards new structures and create again a new meeting point for a new potential. The human emotional structure is synchronized to receive and register those moments and allow for the person yet another motivation to focus on the joy of creativity that will dissolve or cancel the parasite.



Introduction to Greatness

Do you have any advice for us when we go to meet people with these contents?

Joy: When you go to meet people, do it with JOY, do it with happiness and from a wish to share, not out of duty. Do it from a place of lightness flowing, a place that invites, and most important enjoy each second in this kind of doing. Let the flow of JOY be your flow in these meetings. Let everyone immerse themselves in this flow of joy.


Why is it so important to enjoy this process?

Joy: The most basic state of Greatness is that of pure JOY. The most basic state of creation is the enjoyment of creativity. So any doing that is aimed at awakening structures of Greatness, better be done out of JOY and happiness. If it will be done in this way, the people who will continue to come to this kind of activity will bring their own JOY about the existence of this opportunity. So any engagement with JOY, can grow the most basic state for the human in its greatness.

JOY: When the universe experiences enjoyment of creativity it allows the being of pure Joy. A person can recognize the enjoyment of their creativity when they are in pure JOY that is tuned completely to their individual being and to their connection to their consciousness stream and specific branch. Pure JOY is not something to aim for. It is a result of life of greatness and the encouraging of others to live such life. It is experienced through the emotional and feeling structures.



What is pure JOY?

Joy: It is to do with the JOIning of a feeling to a knowing to an action that is based on what is right, on the inner voice of conscience, on the individual song of each human being. If you consider the word "conscience" it has within it the SCIENCE of CON.


This is to do with the inner code of a person that is CONcealed inside of them. It is worthwhile for a person to discover this inner encrypted code that is concealed in them and turn it to be their conscience. This code is the code of the consciousness stream that a person is part of. From each stream branch out branches and from them branch out "twig" like extensions. Each has their unique code. So the encrypted code of each person is the unique code of their stream, branch and final "twig" like extension. The consciousness stream is very "interested" in the kind of choices a human makes.


One of the questions of the free choice experiment is: "will a person with an unbiased free choice choose out of their inner concealed natural codes? Or not. The universe does not exist only under the law of duality. So the perception of "good" or "bad" does not exist at this level. The universe will be "interested" only in the following question: Will the person decide out of free choice to discover their own "energetic" code and not only their genetic code and live their daily life i.e. their choices according to this code?

Another question will be: Will the person be able to hold a continuous free choice out of that code.


This is what you may call "Living by values" and also "Living your calling or vocation". It is important to understand that when most people think of calling, they think of something fixed or a fixed point. The truth is that a person's calling and therefore destiny changes according to the quantum leaps that a person does in their development i.e. in the continuous memory that moves them.


The calling is that of the extension of consciousness that the human embodies. The human is a potential tool or structure that the extension develops to fulfill its calling. However when the human is born with the parasite implanted in them, they forget that they are a tool of their "greater" self. The concealed voice of the inner consciousness sings to their D.N.A. those tunes that allow them to remember that the fact that they are a human is an expression or crystallization of a much larger being, a being that is expressed by this song.


How does a person know when they are in their Greatness?

Joy: Being in Greatness is accompanied by inner peace and a deep knowing that all that is done is right. It might be accompanied with pain or happiness, but it is always accompanied by a feeling of deep knowing that things are right, an action is right. There is also a flow of creativity, of ideas or actions that occurs when one is in their Greatness. This flow of ideas originates at the center of the universe and allows new creation that was not perceivable from previous structures that were not structures of Greatness.

So, inner peace, deep knowing and intense creativity are the three signs that allow a person to know that they are in their Greatness




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