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AWARDS and recognitions

1990 – "The man who knew how to think" book written by Aviad reaches the best sellers list
1992 – Aviad is chosen to open a country – wide school for medical marketing by Ort
2002 - Aviad is chosen as the best lecturer in the history of Hebrew University Medical School
2005- The Israel Culture excellence fund chooses Aviad to accompany their artists career development
2006NEWS is chosen as the leading model for coaching by the IDF high command academy
2007 – "Yediot" (the largest Israeli newspaper) publishes a cover story on Aviad on the occasion of publishing his 6th book: "Freedom is not a holiday in Antalia"

2008 – Globes (the leading Israeli business newspaper) chooses Aviad as one of the seven most wanted speakers in Israel
2008NEWS is chosen by the home office as the best model to train city mayors as coaches
2009NEWS is chosen by the largest European HR company – BPI as their global model for coaching
2009 – Aviad is the first ever foreigner to speak to a gathering of SFCoach (The French society of coaches)

2010NEWS is chosen by Amdocs as a global coaching model


General Electric Healthcare
Molecular Imaging
Dallit Sapir, Human Resources Manager


"The NEWS Coaching course for our senior management that we had in 2008 with Roni Ratner, touched exactly the points that managers find difficult ans needed to develop. Each one learned and developed in the places where they were stuck.
Roni with her mazing capability knew how to provide our managers with the basic tools to lead employees to improve their effectivness. Fews weeks later, we still talk in the NEWS language and together we coach our employees to reach their goals whilst utilizing their resources.

I would like to thank Momentum Group and particularly Roni for the professional work and the extraordinary ability to adapt to unique cases and to challenge us till we got the point
Clearly we still have a lot to learn.”

May, 2009

Barnes & Conti USA
Kim Barnes, President/CEO


"Aviad is an outstanding facilitator and business consultant. I have enjoyed working side-by-side with him with client groups and am very happy that we have an ongoing strategic partnership. I continually learn from Aviad myself, his knowledge of human communication and organizational development is top drawer.”

March 5, 2009

Organizational and Educational Consultant
Amira Raviv, LTC (res.)


"I am honored to recommend the NEWS approach of coaching.
As the former Head of Learning and Development Center in the IDF Colleges, I have always tried to promote the leadership abilities of our Staff and commanders: in the IDF National Defense College, the IDF General Staff and Command Colleges and the Tactical Commands Colleges.
In 2005, we chose Momentum Group, and Mr Aviad Goz as the leading facilitator, to help us develop the coaching approach and abilities of our staff.
We invited the commanders, about 15 persons most of them at the ranks of LTCs, to take part in the program, that lasted for about 8 meetings.
The program was successful: the NEWS approach was found intriguing, simple yet articulated and profound. The commanders evaluated the program interesting and useful for their future work with their officers.
I will be happy to answer any further questions,
Best wishes”.

Dec 11, 2008

Zend - The PHP Company
Uval Daniel, Sales Manager


"I didn't have any expectation when I was sent to have some coaching sessions. Not aware at that time that this was a unique opportunity to meet Aviad for few good months as my personal coacher.
I must say, I was surprised by his dedication, sharp analytic skills and unmatchable capabilities to illustrate to the other side (me) with bright examples and life experiences, which are the things I need to emphasis and work on, in order to improve my life and working achievements. I was also fascinated from all the books he wrote, making you always think what can we do better, how we should act in various situations and the psychology behind things we do.
The NEWS Model he developed along with his serene personality enabling him to highlight the points he wishes to address, making each session results and impact very powerful. If there is one word I take with me everyday from Aviad coaching, this should be effectiveness!!!
This also summaries my experience with Aviad and what anyone should expected engaging with him, using the time effectively to reach the effective results… Great experience, highly recommended! Thanks to the coaching with Aviad, I see and understand things differently and accordingly act in a way which helps me to develop, bringing me better results and career advancement."

March 4, 2009
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value

Kangaroo Innovation & Product Developpement
Lahav Gil, President and Founder


"Aviad is one of the finest consultants/personal coaches for organizational development and management training, that I have worked with. His knowledge is broad, his instinct is accurate and his direction is tangible and practical. His NEWS system works. He is a pleasure to work with and I recommend him without hesitation to any one who wants to grow their organization and their own capacity along the way.”

March 5, 2009
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Ehud Lowenstein, Site Manager & Regional Sales Manager


"My name is Ehud Lowenstein, and I am the Site Manager and Regional Sales Manager for Synopsys in Israel.
Aviad Goz and me worked together on two projects - Aviad guided me as Personal Coach. Aviad trained the Israeli sales team of Synopsys.
Aviad carries many years of experience in coaching and equipped with sharp senses and good common sense. This powerful combination enables direct and highly efficient coaching process.
I was impressed with his quick ability to put a crystal clear mirror in front of me and guide me to see and acknowledge behavioral patterns, which need improvement or change. His N.E.W.S.TM methodology is unique, yet simple to understand and adopt.
The process of personal coaching impressed me, changed the way I act and contributes to what I do daily both at work and my private life.
I recommended working with Aviad to my managers and as a result we had team training with the NEWS Model.
My team, 7 people, is intelligent and challenging and ALL were excited about this two day training session.
Aviad also provided similar trainings to other European sales teams of Synopsys.
It pleases me to work with professionals and Aviad is definitely one I learned from and enjoy it”.

March 5, 2009

Vulcan Automotive Industries Ltd
Meir Arnon, Chairman


"Dear Aviad,
We have been working together for some time now and I have found the coaching with you very useful.
You have chosen the NEWS Model as an accurate diagnostic tool to set the road map for the coaching process and it have shown to be a very effective one.
The coaching was both for me as a Chairman and for my life generally.
I am experiencing good results in the areas of the coaching after only a few meetings.”
March 5, 2009

BPI, Paris

Clotilde Bodinier, Consultant and Coach


NEWS Training provided by Aviad Goz in 2009 has been a great experience and really helped me to gain perspective and focus for my business as a coach. I enjoy doing coaching with NEWS model for many reasons: First, it allows building a quick and efficient confidence relation with coachees who feel secured with the idea to follow a structured program. Furthermore, NEWS methodology provides accurate tools which allow coachees to shape their success by showing how to recognize goals and achieve them, clarify core values and enlighten them and recognize fears and face them. I have been delighted to see improvement in many aspects of their business life, while they completed the NEWS coaching programs. As a conclusion, I do believe this model fits very well French culture and makes up a relevant answer to executives and managers with rational mind, who wonder what a coaching can bring them or to their collaborators.


Henry C.H. Yeoh, Malaysia


It was indeed a wonderful learning experience for me on Becoming A NEWSCoach.

The insight was good and the structured process, tools and methodology were current and relevant especially in this new era of globalization and emphasis on not only productivity but also fulfillment in life.

I am pleased to be given a great opportunity to explore with you on the Global VP coaching program.

Chen Reiss, Soprano


Dear Aviad,

I wanted to let you know that our meetings have inspired me and motivated me in a very strong way. As a matter of fact, looking back at the past year, somehow everything I said I wanted to achieve in our first meeting happened. I am not sure how as I cannot say I did it all by myself. It was a combination of

hard work + Miracles. I am happy to tell you that exactly on Rosh Hashana, I completed recording my new CD. There were so many problems on the way, but it is now complete and it is the biggest achievement of my artistic life. I am not sure what the final product will sound or look like, as it is in the hands of the record company at this point, but I can tell you, I have never felt such artistic satisfaction in my life. You had a part in it and for that I thank you

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