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Aviad Goz


A world known leader in the field of personal and organizational development. The founder and Chairman of Momentum Group. The founder and CVO of "  Coaching and Training". A leading international trainer with Fortune 100 companies, An author of eight books, and an international executive coach.

Developer Of Unique Training and Coaching Models

Coaching, ell, team navigation, 3C, Compact, T.A.S.K., Rainbow Model for Organiztional Development .




Aviad is an international trainer since 1986. He trained in over 1500 companies in 50 different countries. Amongst his clients are many "Fortune 100" companies such as: Microsoft, Intel, Cisco, IBM. GE, HP, Pfizer, City Bank, P and G, Coca Cola, Schering Plough, MSD, Johnson and Johnson, Sanofi Aventis, Eli Lily and many more


Aviad published eight books – "The man how knew how to think", "The wizard of Judea desert", "Results- the journey to personal effectiveness"

Zaharada", "Freedom is not a vacation in Anatalya", "Life of Joy" (with Roni Ratner), Trouver sa voie (with Gerard Rodach)

And countless articles in HR, O.D and medical magazines  .




Using the  model, Aviad has coached hundreds of CEO's, Executives, Business owners and public figures



I Believe

I believe that we create our own life within a given circumstance. I believe we can change that circumstance.

I believe in freedom of choice, Freedom from fear, from hesitations and from self inflicted or society inflicted limitations.

I believe that the meaning of who we are and what we do is always derived from a larger context.

I believe that our first responsibility is to ourselves, our state of mind, feelings and actions. Thereafter we are responsible to everyone and everything else within the vast creation and time that we find ourselves in.

I believe that we are all born with a potential greatness. It is our choices that lead us to discover and fulfill that greatness or not.

I believe that we can achieve almost anything that we dream about and work diligently to achieve.

I believe that even when reality might seem dark, we can elevate, find new solutions and let wisdom lead the way.

I believe that we can all have joy, inner peace and meaningful life as this is our natural human state of being.




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