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Models and Frames

Training models and Frameworks

Over the years Aviad has created a large number of unique models and frameworks. Those were used in various organizations. Some have an international IP status.


The various models:

CO.M.P.ACT sales model – Contact, Mapping, Presenting, And Closing Thoroughly.The model is widely recognized and used since 1990 in many Pharmaceutical companies world- wide and a number of Hi- Tech companies


T.A.S.K. – Time, Attitude, Skills, Knowledge. A model of four aspects of development of employees in organization. Incl. T.A.S.K. maps


 – North, East, West, SouthA model for self navigation and team navigation. It is the basis for a variety of programs such as ell, ervice change project management and design management – Preparation for an event and many programs for coaching, training and developing


A3C – a model for self preparation for a coaching session including: Aim, Coach, Coachee, Content.



Rainbow – a 7 level model for organizational development

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