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Executive Coaching


Executive Coaching is one of the fastest growing disciplines in the Organizational Development field.

Executive Coaching requires a high level of professional competence and experience.

Executive Coaching is highly effective


Transition and On-Boarding

Self Development

Career Development through the NEWS System

Strategic Sound Board


The NEWS Model was developed by Aviad Goz, Chairman of Momentum Group. 


Many organizations use the structured process inherent in the NEWS Model in order to train their managers in Executive Coaching.


Special Projects:


Training officers in the IDF Academy as NEWS coaches

Training ex-mayors as coaches for newly elected mayors

Training HR Managers as organizational coaches

Training sales managers in Nestles as field coaches

Team Navigation by Andalus

Team Navigation for Paris Opera 








N.E.W.S Organizational Coaching Training

The aims:

To train the participants in using the NEWSsystem in organizations

To train the team members to work effectively with managers

To train the team members to work with teams

To gain Coaching Skills mastery in order to coach at all levels of the organization

Training Led by: Aviad Goz

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COACHING – Coaching managers according to the N.E.W.S. model

According to the Harvard Business Review, coaching is the most rapidly growing area of all the training and development fields. The 21st century is demonstrating the need for coaching because the business world has become a more complex environment. The goal of coaching is to assist managers to help themselves. The coaching process is as individualized and customized as the needs of each manager.


Training Led by: Aviad Goz


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Training Managers As Coaches According to the N.E.W.S. Model

The role of the manager in the 21st century is changing. The modern manager is expected to lead, empower, motivate get people moving and; do it all in a spirit of cooperation. These expectations heighten the need for "organizational coaching” and its managerial tools. Coaching is an overall approach and method whose goal is to empower both, the employee and the manager, thereby increasing their capabilities and their contributions to the organization.


The objective of coaching is to develop individual capacities, talents and energy in order to achieve the goals of the organization. The "organizational coaching” concept requires many changes in the supervisory approach and day-to-day behavior. This transformational program addresses all these issues and provides the skills and tools to turn managers into highly effective coaches.


Training Led by: Aviad Goz


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"Spontaneous Coaching" - Workshop for managers on skills needed for coaching employees

TheNEWS  System is a model for personal and organizational navigation. The uniqueness of the process lies in the tools that we use for obtaining results, combining both holistic and organizational methodology.


This model was designed by Aviad Goz, chairman of the "Momentum” group. Mr. Goz is an international specialist in the field of personal and organizational effectiveness, lecturer at several Israeli universities and numerous companies in Israel and around the world. He is the author of five books in the field of personal effectiveness and has been training managers for 17 years.


Training Led by: Aviad Goz

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Coaching Academy

The role of the manager as a coach is a growing trend. More and more organizations train their managers and team leaders as coaches. Some are specialized in senior management coaching, mentoring, employees coaching or "on the job" field coaching.

There is usually a need for a coherent system of coaching that will be transferable and methodical beyond individual variations. The system of coaching should establish a language and reporting system throughout the organization.

The   coaching system answers those needs.
It is highly methodical and replicable. It is well established and developed and; it is used by many organizations such as Johnson and Johnson, the IDF academy for high command, DHL, Amdocs and many more.


Training Led by: Aviad Goz

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Special Coaching program for managers


The System is an integrated system designed for personal, inter-personal and organizational development. It is an innovative system based on the 4 compass directions: North East West South, and it is used to coach and help people and organizations that are stuck at specific situations or challenges.

The system was developed by Aviad Goz, Chairman of Momentum Group. Aviad Goz is an internationally known expert in Personal and Group Effectiveness, and he is a lecturer at various universities in Israel, and many multi national companies in over 40 different countries. He is also the author of 5 books on personal development.

Kindly see attached: "About the System" 


Training Led by: Aviad Goz


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N.E.W.S. Based Organizational Coaching Course


The modern manager is required to lead, empower, motivate, cooperate and manage knowledge workers. Those demands strengthen the need for managing tools, defined as Organizational Coaching.

Coaching is a holistic approach system that enables the development and empowerment of an employee while maximizing his/her potential and achievements for the organization. The approach of "Manager as A Coach" demands many changes both, in the management style and in the day-to- day behavior. The "Coaching Manager" performs coaching procedures not only during planned or exceptional events but also, routinely and as part of the manager concept and attitude.


Training Led by: Aviad Goz


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