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The 10 Axioms of Coaching for Greatnes by N.E.W.S

Within every person there is a natural greatness from birth.

The natural greatness exists as a potential that can be manifested in a person's life, thoughts and

  actions – or not.


A manifestation of a person's greatness is a matter of conscious choice.

On the way to manifest greatness, the person has to overcome by choice internal and external

limits and barriers.

A person creates their reality by their choices, conscious or unconscious, and over time that is

how they create their life.

Overcoming the barriers to growingly manifest a person's greatness is a process of natural growth

and development tuned internally rather than externally (ego)


Each person's greatness, each person's barriers and therefore each person's journey of

development are individual and unique

A person's growth by choice has to be done through the multiple levels of his mental, emotional

and physical structures.

A coach can assist a person to discover their potential greatness, their barriers and the various

manifestations of that greatness, but cannot choose for the person or do their journey

A coach therefore can help a person to lead themselves to their own greatness.

Greatness: the prenatal unique and authentic potential and contribution of each human life


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