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Organizational Navigation


Today, many organizations can be compared as ships in troubled waters. The rate of speed in internal and external changes is always increasing. Companies that were stable for decades have discovered that maintaining their edge and competitiveness is much more complex than ever. Markets change, customers change and financial structures change. Those leading the organization must either adapt or be swept away by the next oncoming wave of change.


Those rapidly changing conditions demand a mind set and a tool set; defined as Organizational Navigation. The primary responsibility of every leadership or management is to navigate their organizational ship to its targets while maintaining its vitality and effectiveness.





Organizational Navigation according to the N.E.W.S. Model


- To assist management teams in the process of organizational navigation to optimal results.

- To commit the whole management team to a mutual and agreed upon codes of organization




- Defining a development direction, an optimal vision and targets for the organization.

- Identifying the organization's obstructions and blockages on its way to achieve the targets.

- Defining and identifying the organization's core DNA.

- Creating a mechanics of practical path finding to achieve the vision and targets.


The method

- Accompanying the managerial team in a process of organizational navigation, while providing tools

  and insights.


The process duration

- 6 meetings of 4 academic hours each.

- or two and a half days.



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