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Organizational Navigation


Today, many organizations can be compared as ships in troubled waters. The rate of speed in internal and external changes is always increasing. Companies that were stable for decades have discovered that maintaining their edge and competitiveness is much more complex than ever. Markets change, customers change and financial structures change. Those leading the organization must either adapt or be swept away by the next oncoming wave of change.


Those rapidly changing conditions demand a mind set and a tool set; defined as Organizational Navigation. The primary responsibility of every leadership or management is to navigate their organizational ship to its targets while maintaining its vitality and effectiveness.





N.E.W.S. Navigation of managements

The  System background:

The System is an integrative system for navigation. At the same time the system assist organizations in overcoming various stuck situations at the organizational level.


 is an innovative navigation system which is based on a compass with the 4 directions:

North East West South, where each of the 4 directions represents a different types of considerations that a leadership or management must use to effectively navigate the whole organization.


The System acts excellently as a direction pointer for organizations. The uniqueness of the system is both in its depth as well as in its simplicity and practicability. The system answers a real need for good managing tools and approaches at this time.


Many organizations have experienced the navigation system at the last few years. The system was successfully performed at organizations like: GE, Marvel, Intel, IDF top academy, Janssen Cilag, DHL, Sky vision, Castorama, and others.


The target of the based navigation process is to assist top managements to navigate effectively their organizations.

The process contents and outputs:

- Reading the map – where are we actually?

- model of Organizational navigation

- Are we stuck? Where?

- Identification of stuck points according to the System



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