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Executive Coaching


Executive Coaching is one of the fastest growing disciplines in the Organizational Development field.

Executive Coaching requires a high level of professional competence and experience.

Executive Coaching is highly effective


Transition and On-Boarding

Self Development

Career Development through the NEWS System

Strategic Sound Board


The NEWS Model was developed by Aviad Goz, Chairman of Momentum Group. 


Many organizations use the structured process inherent in the NEWS Model in order to train their managers in Executive Coaching.


Special Projects:


Training officers in the IDF Academy as NEWS coaches

Training ex-mayors as coaches for newly elected mayors

Training HR Managers as organizational coaches

Training sales managers in Nestles as field coaches

Team Navigation by Andalus

Team Navigation for Paris Opera 








N.E.W.S Organizational Coaching Training


4 days (one day in the end of each weekend)



Business or corporate background

Or - Professional coaches

Or- MBA degree


Program outline


Day one

Part one

The ethics of organizational coaching

The difference between life coaching and organizational coaching

The NEWS system of the organization

The interpersonal NEWS system

The personal  system


Part two

The relations between the three systems

3 levels organizational questionnaire

Analyzing the questionnaire


Part three

Navigating oneself in the organization

Three levels of advancements in organizations

Introduction to organizational North

The manger's Northin the organization


Part four

Tuning the manager to the organization's North

Handling the gaps

Working with teams on the North

Leading to team vision


Day two

Part one

Follow up the work in the North

Deeper Northaspects for managers and teams

Internship work in the North

Case studies


Part two

Organizational South

"The chains" on the organization progression

Working out a manger's South


Part three

Breaking out a manager's South

Closing the "courage gap" in organizations

Escaping organizational "comfort zone"


Part four

Working out a team's South

Breaking through a team's South

Creator and victim mentality in organizations


Day three

Part one

Follow up on the Southwork

Follow up of internship work

Using 360 questionnaires

Innovation in a "South" organizational culture


Part two

Coaching - the West aspect

Working out self management and order


Part three

Coaching for skills

Setting up role plays


Part four

On The Job coaching – structure

On The Job coaching – skills

Working out a team's West


Day four

Part one

Follow up on the West coaching

Case studies

Follow up internship work in the West


Part two

Coaching a manager in the East

Working out a manger set of values

Closing the gap with the organization East


Part three

Coaching a team in the East

Working out a team's East– team values

Leading to consensus


Part four

Values expression – positive and negative

Exercising situations

Conclusion of the process


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