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Executive Coaching


Executive Coaching is one of the fastest growing disciplines in the Organizational Development field.

Executive Coaching requires a high level of professional competence and experience.

Executive Coaching is highly effective


Transition and On-Boarding

Self Development

Career Development through the NEWS System

Strategic Sound Board


The NEWS Model was developed by Aviad Goz, Chairman of Momentum Group. 


Many organizations use the structured process inherent in the NEWS Model in order to train their managers in Executive Coaching.


Special Projects:


Training officers in the IDF Academy as NEWS coaches

Training ex-mayors as coaches for newly elected mayors

Training HR Managers as organizational coaches

Training sales managers in Nestles as field coaches

Team Navigation by Andalus

Team Navigation for Paris Opera 








Training Managers As Coaches According to the N.E.W.S. Model

The  Model was created by Mr. Aviad Goz, Chairman of Momentum Group, internationally-recognized expert in the area of personal and organizational effectiveness, lecturer in several universities and many businesses throughout the world, author of 8 books in the field of personal effectiveness, including "Find Your way” ("Trouver Sa Voie”), which was published in 2009 in France.


The  Model, has been extremely successful in Europe: England, Germany, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, Singapore, the USA and Israel.


Coaching according to the  Model is a structured and systematic, holistic process. It relates to the person as a whole and takes into consideration all his/her needs and desires. The same concept applies when considering the needs of organizations. The holistic approach, which is a comprehensive one, facilitates the finding of long-term solutions that support personal growth and development of the person, while also focusing on specific outcomes in clear, well-defined areas.


The process produces long-term solutions, providing tools for future, independent use in a variety of situations. The model is structured, practical and easy to put into practice. It facilitates significant and deep personal experience leading to action that reflects one's personal values (the East) while relating to certain paradigms and positions (in the South) which may be hindering the achievement of goals and results (defined as the North). It builds a clear path for achieving objectives and vision (defined as the West).


Purpose of the Course

To train managers as internal coaches in the organization, as part of the organization's manager/employee development program.


Course Framework

60 academic workshop and supervisory hours

All together 6 days


Course Structure:

Stage A – A personal Coaching experience in a group according to the  Model; – 2 days

Part B – "Becoming a manager –coach" workshop and support during Internship; 40 Academic Hours incl. supervision on personal work between meetings.

In this stage, participants will become familiar with the  Model, receive tools, learn approaches, skills and practice in organizational Coaching with the aim of building a culture of organizational coaching.;

As an integral part of the course participants will carry out two full coaching processes in the organization. Participants will be accompanied by senior coaches, who give supervision by mail and telephone support when necessary.

Each participant will fill out a Coaching reports and give it to the senior Coach.

Completing the entire coaching internship and submitting reports are a necessary condition for receiving a  coach certification at the end of the course.

Note - Participants will receive a  coach certification only within the organization.


Program of the course:

Objectives and output:

Provide participants with a meaningful personal experience

Acquaint participants with the  Model

Acquaint participants with the process of Coaching

Provide participants with coaching tools

Exercise participants in Coaching practice with the use of the Model



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