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Executive Coaching


Executive Coaching is one of the fastest growing disciplines in the Organizational Development field.

Executive Coaching requires a high level of professional competence and experience.

Executive Coaching is highly effective


Transition and On-Boarding

Self Development

Career Development through the NEWS System

Strategic Sound Board


The NEWS Model was developed by Aviad Goz, Chairman of Momentum Group. 


Many organizations use the structured process inherent in the NEWS Model in order to train their managers in Executive Coaching.


Special Projects:


Training officers in the IDF Academy as NEWS coaches

Training ex-mayors as coaches for newly elected mayors

Training HR Managers as organizational coaches

Training sales managers in Nestles as field coaches

Team Navigation by Andalus

Team Navigation for Paris Opera 








N.E.W.S. Based Organizational Coaching Course

The  System background:


The  System is an integrative system for coaching and personal, inter-personal and organizational leadership development. At the same time the system assist organizations in overcoming various stuck situations at the organizational level.


 is an innovative system which is based on the 4 directions:

North East West South, where each of the 4 directions represents a different type of blockage hampering progress, and points towards practical and efficient methods to solve it.


The  System acts excellently as a direction pointer for personal coaching and consulting for both workers and managers. The uniqueness of the system is both in its depth as well as in its simplicity and practicability. The system answers a real need for developing good managing tools and approaches, in the field of coaching and management, in a holistic and tailors made form.


Hundreds of private people and organizations have experienced the  System at the last few years. The system was successfully performed at organizations like: The Foreign Office, The Nuclear Research Campus, Lagine Plants, and others.


The target of the  based Organizational Coaching course is to train managers as organizational coaches in the based coaching system.


The course is designated to:


- Managers at any level

- Teams' and groups' leaders

- Projects' managers

- School headmasters and education people

- Organizational consultants

- Organizational HR personal


The advantage of the  based organizational coaching course to the participant:

- Learning and understanding the coaching principles

- Learning various coaching methods and practicing them

- Getting effective tools to actually perform the coaching

- Learning various skills for effective communication

- Experiencing coaching in practice

- Constant assistance by a "Help Desk" service throughout the entire course

- Getting a personal feedback


The advantage of the  based organizational coaching course to the organization:

- Maximizing managers ability to empower and motivate their subordinates and their environment

- A significant improvement in managers – workers relations

- Improvement of the organization's productivity



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