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Executive Coaching


Executive Coaching is one of the fastest growing disciplines in the Organizational Development field.

Executive Coaching requires a high level of professional competence and experience.

Executive Coaching is highly effective


Transition and On-Boarding

Self Development

Career Development through the NEWS System

Strategic Sound Board


The NEWS Model was developed by Aviad Goz, Chairman of Momentum Group. 


Many organizations use the structured process inherent in the NEWS Model in order to train their managers in Executive Coaching.


Special Projects:


Training officers in the IDF Academy as NEWS coaches

Training ex-mayors as coaches for newly elected mayors

Training HR Managers as organizational coaches

Training sales managers in Nestles as field coaches

Team Navigation by Andalus

Team Navigation for Paris Opera 








Coaching Academy

Coaching academy


The  model was developed over time for several applications:

- Coach The Coach – a full program with the aim to develop managers as coaches, with help desk

  and internship process

- Field coaches training – A program aimed to develop field "on the job coaches" with specialized

  skill set for the pharma market

- Executive coaching – a process of coaching executives

All those programs Are based on the same model of


The process

Setting the academy in co-ordination with the training development

- Adaptation of the programs 

- Train the trainer program (optional) 

- Running the programs with "help desk" support and guided internship

- Quality assurance of the results and certification


Manager of the academy – Aviad Goz

CEO, Momentum Training Ltd. Managing director of Coaching Ltd.

born in 1955 in Israel, and has been active in training, lecturing and coaching since 1985.

Degrees in life science, behavioral sciences and work science (thesis on motivation).

Lecturer on management and marketing in 5 universities.

Senior trainer in many multi national companies such as Motorola, General Electric, City bank, Oracle, IBM, Intel, M.S.D, Pfizer, Glaxo, Shering Plough, Procter and Gamble, Sun Microsystems, Cisco and many more.

The founder and CEO of Momentum Training, an international training company active in over 40 countries, that specializes in training personal and organizational effectiveness, leadership development, teams development, management skills development, sales and marketing training.

Creator of the CO.M.P.ACT Model for sales teams and medical reps. training.

Creator of the Coaching Model for personal and organizational coaching.

Creator of the RAINBOW Model for management training and teams' development.


Author of six books:

"The man who knew how to think"

"The magician from Judea desert"

"Your journey to personal effectiveness”

"The 'ZAHARADA' – The Complex of Revelation”

"Freedom is not a weekend in 'ANATALIYA"

"A life of Joy"

Publisher of numerous articles on management and effectiveness


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