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  The differences between mind states and paradigms
As I travel so much, I get interested in the differences between mind states and paradigms between different people. I would like to start a series of short posts about world mind states and hope it will be interesting and useful for you. I will start close at home: The Israeli state of mind - wherever you go as an Israeli you have in your mind the question "could I live here?" this usually comes with the second question of "How cheaper will it be to live here?" usually the answers will lead to the unavoidable conclusion "We could easily live here" in this case "Here" can be almost any place on the planet. as to what local people do or create, in most cases the Israeli state of mind will come up with "It could be done differently or better" or "Who is the idiot that built it/ set it this way?" this is usually a mixture of innovative mind, criticism and a slight superiority complex. Although I must admit that in most cases the remarks are correct.
The Israeli state of mind is short, impatient and very direct. When waiters in restaurants might be slightly late for the Israeli time standard, we will let them know about it and probably go to them directly demanding proper service. "Shortcuts" is the name of the game.
When some other nationality talks to Israelis with much manners and not very directly, it will be perceived as dishonesty and hypocrisy. The Israeli direct, short, commanding language will be perceived by most other nationalities as rude and abrasive, When the Israeli just tries to be honest and straight forward. I remember a case when a very famous writer and lecturer met a group of young Israeli trainers and explained something he wrote about in one of his best sellers. A young Israeli trainer stood up and said "excuse me, you are wrong, your mistake is ..".and the famous visitor could not say a word out of surprise. . So the Israeli mind even by some small examples is unique and different to other fellow humans, as they have their peculiarities. We will discuss those in the next posts.

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