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  The way of things to come

Older structures fall and crumble now. It happens all over. We can see it in the social world, political world, management world, financial world and even in the religious world at last. People do not want anymore various controlling structures that have endured hundreds of years. The controlling structures that do not care about their people and are driven only by the ego of few power and gains are now facing problems. Those structures are losing ground in the collective mind of humanity. It is almost like when the communist regime that controlled many millions for about 70 years lost ground in people's minds within few short years.

As those controlling structures loose power we can see how new structures try to replace them. A good example is the Arab spring. The problem is that most of those "new" structures are all kinds of replicas of the previous structures and are not really different, Leading therefore to repetitive revolutions. It seems that no one knows how to think out of the existing model of "top bottom", controlling, power based model.

Here is an initial idea of the way of things to come, although truly no one knows. Think of a self organizing community or even think of a mother and her children. These two examples represent a way of management and leadership that has targets on one hand but also care to the individual on the other hand. It is a more feminine approach for sure. It is Inclusive more than exclusive with emphasis on the individual and their well being and development. Those kinds of structures, like a family or a ring of friends, or a self organizing community work more on cooperation and the common good. They certainly are not run on the whims of an ego maniac power driven, or greedy individual. I believe that these are some of the way of things to come. How exactly do you run a company or a country with these principles? This remains to be discovered. How will be the transition period from the historical structures to the new structures? This is still a riddle. It might take early starts for few good years. But, let us watch and see as history is now written every day anew.

More to come….

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