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  Mutants amongst us

In the theory of evolution the concept of mutations plays a major role. Mutation is a change in the genetic structure of an individual. Following each mutation the new born will have some different characteristics from its parents. Some of the mutations will be successful and some will fail. Being successful in this case means coping better with the environment and conditions (evolutionary pressure). This success will mean better chances to reproduce and allowing that mutation to prosper throughout the ages. Contrary to what many believe, mutations do not occur as an attempt to better adapt to external situations or conditions. Mutations occur spontaneously. Then these spontaneous genetic changes either fit the external environment changes and succeed or do not fit them and fail or diminish.
So is the case with humanity as well. Homo sapiens resulted from a series of mutations out of its predecessor – Homo habilis.

 Also today there might be amongst us people who carry minor or major mutations. We do not know who they may be and who therefore will be more successful in the current conditions. It needs to be said that with the advent of the current economical structure they will not necessarily be those who will reproduce more than others. So how shall we define their success? In this case it will be prospering in the current circumstances in terms of well being, economical success and creating some legacy for future generations.

So the mutants amongst us will prosper in the current conditions and will adapt better to the trends that occur now. Let us try and define what might be the current trends that create “evolutionary pressure” on humanity today: The first of course is being able to cope with fast changes and prosper in ambiguity. These trends are unprecedented in human history. With those changes and longer life expectancy comes the need to re-create oneself few times in a life course. And what about handling hyper connectivity and handling TMI (Too Much Information)? And what about prospering in technological environment whist dealing with fellow humans and the need to be ever creative and solve new problems? Finally what about staying balanced, functional and effective amidst all that?
These are some of the current trends. So, who are the people that prosper now? In which organizations do they work? What extraordinary results and legacy do they create? In which habitats do they live and gather?  If we answer those questions, there we might find the mutants that will define our future as humanity. 

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