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  The "slow" movement

I am sitting now in a beautiful little town called Lutry in Switzerland facing the serene Lake Genève. I am looking outside. It is a working day. People wake up; do their walk with the dog or small morning sport. Then they go out and buy in the market fresh vegetables and baguette. Then they sit quietly in their local coffee shop looking at the quiet lake and the magnificent snow capped mountains behind it. Some read newspapers; some watch the view and some just watch the people passing by. The only sound is that of birds, ducks and swans. Then they fold carefully their newspaper, put it in their leather bags and start making their slow way to work.     

No one is working like crazy with their Smartphone or Ipad in public places. No one is shouting over the cell phone in the coffee shop. Everything is slow and quiet.

I really feel amongst them like a stranger on amphetamines, a survivor of a daily battle field.  One can eventually understand that the way these people go about their day is also a possible way of living. I am sure these people do not earn less than most people in the world, probably the contrary. I do not think they produce less than global average per person, probably the opposite. They just do it slowly and quietly.  

They also see the flowers (lots of them) on their way to work.

So what will it take to bring this "Slow" movement to the crazy busy hubs of the world?

Is it at all possible?

Could we really learn to live like this? Or are we already addicted to the speed and busy-ness?  




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