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  Constancy and change

In a time of unprecedented change and turmoil one asks if there is anything that should stay constant. Everything changes: markets economies, products, structures, and people. This creates a situation that people and organizations start to change also those elements that should stay constant. By this they create confusion and lack of trust.

In my mind two things should stay constant even in changing times. By way of analogy the DNA and the spirit should not change. What is meant by this is that the authentic uniqueness of a person or an organization is a constant. It can be better discovered over time but not change every once in a while because they really do not change. It is as if you try to change your DNA, which is impossible.

The second thing that should not change very often is the spirit – the core values and passions that drive a person or an organization. These as well can be better discovered and deepened over time, but not altered every now and then. Your uniqueness and core values are the essence of who you are and what can give you fulfillment and success.

If your uniqueness and your values and drivers are constant you have to change very often the practical model in which you operate. This should evolve with changing times and circumstances. It should meet the world where it is now. It could be changes in the market place, the employment market or changes in your own needs. In various life cycles we might have changing needs that we would like to meet. Being creative and fresh with your practical model, business model, employment model and even reinventing yourself or your organization, is a must in changing times.

So "Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to god what belongs to god" as the old saying goes.If you want to be successful and relevant, keep to your authentic uniqueness and values on the one hand and change and upgrade often your practical model on the other hand. That is the secret.


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