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  The moving point of singularity

We are each unique, if we let ourselves be. The uniqueness comes from having specific talents, specific drivers and passions and a specific mind structure.

All those combined create a unique combination. Let us call it "the point of singularity”. No doubt that if you are focused and tuned to your point of singularity, the world changes for you. You are in touch with who you are and can be. You are with energy, creativity. You are present. Your contribution and added value can reach its optimal.

It can also be the big differentiator in the economy game that we all play in. when you are in your singularity point and act out of it with no fear or limitation, you are recognized. With this recognition follow the economic bonus sooner or later. Most people who ever did well were connected to their point of singularity.

However the world changes rapidly. Daily, structures rise and fall, Economies swift. Companies win or lose. Technologies rise and fall. In the "white water” scenario, needs of individuals or organizations change. So you cannot be fixed in one point of singularity. What you need to do is constantly adapt your singularity point to the changing world around you. You then need to update and sometimes recreate your practical model of how you contribute and make your living. Practical model will appear as a job, business, role, organization and the likes.

I believe that the ability to discover your point of singularity and then to create again and again the next best practical model is the key to success in those crazy times in human history.


Aviad Goz



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